Mazuma Mobile is UK and Australia's leading online mobile phone reuse company.

What is your old mobile phone worth?

Many old mobile phones can still be reused and can be worth a lot of money. Mazuma Mobile are Australia’s leading mobile phone reuse service and allow customers to sell their old phones for cash.

To find out if what your mobile phone is worth, simply type in your model to get an instant valuation:

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Be Responsible

How to recycle an old mobile phone that has no reuse value

Mazuma Mobile has teamed up with MobileMuster to allow customers to recycle any old phones or accessories which no longer have any reuse value for free

To recycle your old phone with MobileMuster, simply click on the below link to find out where your nearest MobileMuster drop-off point is. Alternatively, you can also request a free MobileMuster mailing label to recycle your old phone by post.

Recycle with MobileMuster »