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Sell iPhone X

You’re thinking of how and where to sell iPhone X? Well, you can make a decent amount of money trading in your used iPhone X for cash. Instead of piling up old devices in your home, give them out to a recycling firm and collect cash in return. What a great way to dispose of what you no longer need! When you sell old devices to recycling services like Mazuma Mobile, two things happen: devices that can be reused are refurbished and sold as secondhand devices while the ones that are damaged beyond repair are recycled using eco-friendly methods. So, when you recycle devices, you help your pocket and at the same time contribute to the safety of our planet. A double win!

How Much Can I Sell My iPhone X For?

The actual price of a device is determined by model/capacity and the state of the device. Some devices are old but not faulty. While others are dysfunctional. A  fully functional device is expected to sell higher than a device that doesn’t work at all.

To ascertain the actual worth of your device, go to a recycling service platform, select the necessary information about your device and you will see how much it can be sold. If you're comfortable with the valuation, move on with the transaction.

Where Can I Sell My iPhone X?

Sell iPhone X at Mazuma Mobile. Mazuma is a reliable phone recycling company based in Australia. For many years, we have been at the forefront of mobile recycling globally.

We buy old phones at good rates. We make selling your used devices an awesome experience. Do you have a broken iPhone you're not using? We'll collect it and pay you a decent amount.

You have one thing to gain when you do business with us. You'll be paid the amount your device is really worth. There are similar services out there but not all offer interesting rates. Some undervalue devices. That's not the case with us. We’ve got a non-biased system that makes sure every device gets a fair quote.

Here's how the whole thing works: visit our website to register a sale. Select the brand and model of device. Next, select the option/category that best suits the condition of the device to see how much the phone can be sold.

We'll send you a free sales pack to send the devices to us. Once the phone gets to us, we'll examine it and process your payment immediately.

However, if during examination we find out that the device is worthless, we'll revise the price and notify you. If you're pleased with the new valuation, your payment will be processed. Otherwise, decline and your phone will be sent back to you free of charge.

We don't stop at buying devices at good prices, we make sure we process payments the same day we receive a device. This is to make sure we give clients an amazing selling experience. You're a few mouse clicks away from getting paid a reasonable amount for a device you're no longer using.

We buy used Apple devices, including iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11 and iPhone XS Max. You can also trade in old Samsung devices and other mobile devices such as HTC for cash with us. Trade in your old iPhone X 256GB, old iPhone X 65GB or iPhone X Plus for cash with us.

Do you have tablets or wearables you are no longer using? We'll be glad to help you recycle them. Trade in Apple Watch and Apple iPad with us. When you recycle your devices, you don't just make some money; you also do your part in keeping the earth safe via eco-friendly recycling.

Can I sell My iPhone X If It's Broken?

You can sell a broken iPhone X at a good rate. However, the value is determined by the level of damage sustained by the device. Even a completely "dead" iPhone X can be sold.

Mazuma Mobile buys broken iPhones. No matter how bad you think a device is, it still has some value. We have a category and quote for damaged devices. Go to our platform, choose the category your iPhone X falls in. You'll see how much it's worth. We're committed to making sure you receive the best value for your devices.

We make selling your device as easy as possible. From registering a sale, sending in your device to getting paid, we don't leave customers in the dark. Customers are allowed to track and keep tabs on the whole process. We provide a free data delete tool you can use to get rid of personal information before sending your device to us.

We’ve got a team of customer service experts that will be glad to take you by the hand and guide you through the process until you get paid. Sell iPhone X and other devices to Mazuma Mobile. We look forward to giving you the best value for your old phones, tablets and wearables.